About Us

We are Kate and Amy and we were lucky enough to have grown up in the South of England, where the New Forest meets the shoreline of the Solent.
Weekends were spent getting lost amongst the beautiful flora and fauna of this wonderful Forest. New born foals appear from March onwards, piglets forage in October for acorns and the breath- taking gold of the gorse flower is on display from January onwards.

So, it comes as no surprise that the inspiration behind our gift company is drawn from this beautiful place to live.
Mums of both 1 boy and 1 girl each, we are both free thinking independent women, we believe in equality amongst all humans, kindness and above all – family. We want to teach our children to go big, aim for your dreams and never give up – all by example!

Selling handpicked gifts & jewellery, we love the fact that each one of our pieces will play a part in someone’s journey through life. Whether it is a bride receiving a delicate pendant from their true love or a beautiful brooch gifted to a Grandmother on her 90th birthday, it is the stories and ‘family’ that make our work so enjoyable.